Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

I love Mother's Day! Brett is so sweet to celebrate me. He is such a good man, and I am so beyond thankful for him! I am especially thankful for the three, almost four, children he has given me!

I am such a blessed mama (I may have said this already, but Chloe calls me "mama" instead of mom or's the cutest thing ever).

Today started with me sleeping in....and waking to Chloe snuggling me until my breakfast was ready. Brett cooked a yummy spread of bacon, eggs, sausage, and biscuits. I don't do breakfast in bed because of my fear of crumbs :), so we ate at the table.

Awhile later, the men and kids of our church came to my house. The women went to my friend, Ty's, house for a lunch of Cheesecake Factory. She is on bed rest with her baby girl, so we took the celebration to her!! No one deserves to be celebrated more than a mom on bed rest! I actually found it to be quite crowded restaurant with crazy kids :).

The girls and I talked for a few hours, which was so fun!!

I came home to my awesome kids. Randomly, Caleb and Chloe asked me to tell them funny stories of when they were younger. It was such a sweet time to reminisce about my motherhood journey. There have been a lot of hilarious moments! I am so thankful for my blessed life.

It is so crazy to think that I'm pregnant with my 4th child for my 6th Mother's Day!! That happened fast. Haha!

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