Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Oh, Chloe

It was bound to happen at some point: a child cutting their own hair. Yesterday, I happened to notice Chloe had some cute little bangs. I get whispies (is that a word?) near my forehead, so I figured it was just that.

After a few times noticing it, it dawned on me: she cut her own hair. We had been swimming all day, so her hair had been wet....which is why it wasn't super noticeable at first.

She actually did a decent job, if you don't notice she cut to the scalp in the exact middle of her forehead. Her hair used to be one length!

I took better pictures on my real camera but you'll get the idea:

The hair dresser was so set on giving her bangs (which do not suit her well). I disagreed but she claimed her hair would grow out better if she cut bangs.

So here we are...my beautiful girl with really bad hair!! It's so embarrassing because it makes me look like I have no clue what I'm doing with my girl's hair.

Here's the after haircut pics:

The pictures actually don't look as bad as real life. Trust me: it's bad. Brett and I couldn't stop laughing (when she wasn't around, of course) at how tragic her hair is.

Tomorrow I plan to go buy lots of headbands :).

I had planned to take maternity pictures of my family (just by a friend, not professional)....I probably still will if I ever remember to actually do it...but this will definitely be memorable! Haha!

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  1. I have a friend whose little girl cut so bad down the middle the only option was shaving her head! So glad Chloe didn't go that far :) but yeah the hairstylist didn't have to cut the bangs so short.... Great thing is it will grow back and I actually liked it when she used to have bangs :) and her lil bob cut!


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