Friday, May 25, 2012

Reasons I Cannot Wait To Be Not Pregnant

- of course, I will be holding my baby boy!

- I want to wear my wedding ring again (I had a fake ring that I lost last week, so now I look like an unwed mother of 4, haha). I actually don't care if I look married or not, but my wedding ring is my most favorite piece of jewelry!

- my sciatic pain is intolerable :(. I can't wait for that to be gone!

- I know this will be a few months away, but I can't wait to wear my normal clothes! My maternity clothes are getting very tight, and I don't have many to begin with!

- I hate having to pee every 4 minutes

- I miss laying comfortably in bed with my kids and reading books with them! I can't wait to do that again!

- I'm a back sleeper; I'm ready to do that again!

- I want food to taste good again (though I'm not sick, food still isn't good)

- SUSHI! I am going to eat that ASAP after delivery!!

- mostly, I just want to hold my bundle of joy :)

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  1. Oh I remember those last few weeks and I didn't go that long so I can't imagine how uncomfortable you are. I was just thinking how you're a trooper for having 4 c sections! I know it's totally worth it for you but just wanted you to know you're great!


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