Saturday, May 5, 2012


To celebrate Brett's birthday and to enjoy a weekend before our baby comes in six weeks, our kids are spending the weekend with Brett's parents while we stay home for the weekend!

So far, we went to dinner last night, ate ice cream, and watched a movie at home.

Today, Brett had to work this morning, so I slept til 10:45....glorious!!! I'm not sleeping well, but from 8-10 am, I sleep great! Weird!

Brett brought lunch home.

Today, I'm redeeming a spa package gift certificate a friend gave me. I cannot wait!

Tonight, we will go to a nice dinner!

I'm enjoying the quiet. Enjoying my house staying clean. Being lazy is so wonderful.

I'm so thankful for awesome grandparents!! I am already so refreshed! And there's still another day :)!

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