Friday, June 8, 2012

Chloe's Birthday List....

This is Chloe's birthday list....which is in about 3 months :)....

- girl with a bicycle and a dog that can go on the back

- ice skate doll with ice skate outfit

- tons of baby doll clothes

- clown clothes, clown bow, and clown nose

- two Barbie dolls in the same box

- Lego set with a doggie and a girl

- Hello Kitty costume

- diamond headband

- Tangled dress, headband, tower, and chameleon

- Hello Kitty purse

- another Hello Kitty purse filled with stuff

- a rainbow purse

- Hello Kitty mask and bow

- a lot of baby doll beds

- felt board with stuff that sticks on it

- pictures of mommy and Levi

- three piles of nail polish and lipstick

- shoe rack like mommy's but filled with little girl shoes

- stage and curtain for baby dolls

- lots of games

She promises, "I won't let anyone else play with these."

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