Saturday, June 23, 2012

Four Kids

My awesome older kids come home tomorrow, which cannot come fast enough! I miss them so much! It has been great for me to have time to chill and heal, but I miss my babies!!

Starting Monday, Brett has a football camp all day, every day for the I will be by myself with all four kids, talk about getting thrown in the fire quickly!!....oh yeah, and I'm not supposed to drive!
Side note: I do realize this is most people's normal life. But since we've been married, Brett's never worked a "normal" job. Between unique hours of football and odd hours of ministry, his days are full....but can be flexible....not always but I can usually plan around him.

While he's gone next week and I'm not supposed to drive (we will see how well I obey that), I also have to go to the OB, get Levi circumcised, and have Levi's first check up. Yeah, definitely baptism by fire into four kids :)

Although it may be long, I haven't seen my kids much in the last 8 days, so I will be extra ready to love them. And I'm feeling so much better than I have the last few months that I actually am excited to play with them! I still have some pain but I'm nowhere near as uncomfortable!

During our days at home, I have some Pinterest projects ready to do, and I'm sure they'll swim a lot! We will make sidewalk paint (and use it), bake a new cookie recipe, and dig for treasures in an ice block.

I should also note Levi is the easiest baby, so far!! During the night, he wakes up around 2 and 5 am, nurses each time, and goes right back to sleep in his crib!

I am so excited to see my kids!! I think it'll be a fun and special week!

Wish me luck..... :)

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