Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Levi's Birth Story

We welcomed Levi Brett on June 15, 2012.  He is such an awesome baby.

Friday morning, Brett and I arrived at West Boca Medical Center at 10:30 am.  I actually had been able to sleep the night before, which was a huge answer to prayer.  Normally, I toss and turn all night, and going into a c-section tired is not fun.  We were taken back to triage, where they did a lot of the pre-op work.
Brett and I got to talk in between the work, so it was a fun time as we waited to welcome our sweet baby into this world.

For a c-section, the mom goes back to the OR first.  Which I hate!  They do all of the medical procedures without Brett in there, and it is so nerve wrecking.  He is always with me during stressful times, so it is hard for him not to be there.
Before the surgery started, I could still feel my toes.  I was freaked out that the anesthesia did not take, so I felt my belly, to be sure....which caused an uproar because I apparently contaminated myself.  I felt so stupid, and it delayed the procedure (just about 5 minutes).

Brett came in (yay!), and the surgery began pretty quickly.  Pretty soon into it, I had really severe pain in my shoulders (air, I am guessing, got in).  As they pushed him out, Levi actually got stuck and wouldn't come out, at first.  I did not panic, though, because the same thing happened with Luke, and he was fine.  The doctor had to push really, really hard to get him out, though, and it as high enough on my body that I could feel it all.  I actually thought she might have broken my sternum because it hurt so bad.  The pain on my chest was intense, and it freaked me out.  I told the doctor, and they increased my within a few minutes, the pain went away (and I had not suffered a broken wasn't even sore afterwards!).

This c-section definitely hurt the worst of them all.  Because of the increase in the medicine, I was a little more out of it than usual, too.  Brett brought Levi to me, but I could barely hold my eyes open to see him :(.

Right when Levi came out, he gurgled a bit then started crying....the best sound ever!  I actually burst out into tears, too, which I don't remember doing with my others.  I was just suddenly overcome with thankfulness and joy....God has blessed me, once again, with a healthy baby.

They finished stitching me up, which went fairly quickly.  I was taken back to triage to recover for about an hour.  Then Brett and I went to our room.  They kept Levi for observation for a few hours.  Because the baby doesn't go through the birth canal, they tend to have more amniotic fluid in their system than usual, so they just have to watch the baby closely.

Finally, after what felt like forever, they brought Levi to see me!!!!  By this time, I was feeling much it was so nice to hold him.

In the hospital, Levi was the perfect baby.  Even the nurses commented on how easy he is.

My hospital stay was nice.  I feel like my recovery is going really well so far.

I am thankful that I do not have to go through it all again, but it was well worth it, of course.

Later on Friday night, my kids came to see Levi (my aunt, uncle, and cousins were driving through town and stopped to see them, so the got there later than expected....but had fun with their cousins!).  They were instantly in love!

Brett's parents came and picked up the older kids to take to their house for a few days while I recover here.  I miss them so much, but it has been really helpful in feeling better faster!

Levi is doing great at home.  Between 11 pm and 5 am, he hates being put that is tiring...but besides that, he is an awesome baby!!  He sleeps well, eats well, and barely cries.

Our sweet boy is the perfect addition to our family.  We are all in love.

I forgot to note....I had a few very specific prayers going into this birth, and I am excited to report that God answered every single one.
- I lost a lot of blood with Chloe and did not want that to happen again (it didn't)
- I did not want a roommate (I didn't get one, so my mom/Brett were able to sleep over with me)
- Levi came to me within hours of being born (I've heard some people wait 9-10 hours for their baby)
- I hoped for a nice recovery (it has been smooth)
- I wanted to sleep well the night before and did!
- I am sure there are others, but those were the main things...and God totally delivered

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