Friday, June 29, 2012


To say Chloe loves having Levi in her (their) room is an understatement.  She is in love with her brother (all of the kids's so precious to watch them fight over who gets to hold him).

The other night, she was singing him to sleep....her song was so precious that I sat on the couch, listening, bawling my eyes out, thanking God for giving me such an incredibly blessed life.  Getting to be a mom to these four amazing kids is beyond my comprehension of God's goodness.

My favorite line of the song was, "God loves you more than a pirate does."

To which I laughed hysterically....and continued to cry tears of joy!

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  1. Sarah this is precious! I love that you are still blogging amidst the myriad duties of being a mom of 4! Super! :)


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