Monday, June 11, 2012

My Kids....

My kids make me smile.  They are each so unique and so fun.  I thought I might post something that makes me smile about each of them!  

Caleb is OBSESSED with toys.  He talks about toys all of the time.  He searches online to find toys he likes.  He asks to earn money to buy new toys.  He wants to give away his current toys so he can get new toys.  When he gets a new toy, it is super special and he treats it well.  If he sees a friend with a toy, he wants it.  This makes me smile for many reasons.  First, it's just so cute.  Second, I enjoy shopping and gifts are my love language.  Clearly, they are his, too.  So while some people may view it as materialistic, I fully understand it.  I don't know, maybe I am materialistic.  But just like me (not with toys but other gifts), the monetary value of  gift is not's the fun and excitement of it!  

Chloe is all things girl (as we've well established).  She asked me if Brett's and my bathroom could be her and my "make-up and hair salon".  She actually refers to the master bath as "our bathroom" (as in, hers and mine).  She also asked if she could have all of my "jewelries".  She loves blow drying her hair, putting on make-up, wearing jewelry, and overall getting dolled up.  Being my only girl, I am thankful God has given me such a girly girl.  She holds her own in this family of boys, and not one ounce of girliness is lost....well, except she tried to pee standing up yesterday.  

Luke is talking so much more now, and he is so funny.  His favorite words are "daddy's guns" and "ball".  But, his vocabulary in recent weeks have expanded rapidly.  What I love about him is that he is so picky about certain things....but then relents fairly easy if there's not an option.  If there is an option, however, he will have an opinion.  He likes to pick the cups he drinks from, the place I change his diaper, the clothes he wears, etc.  At 2 years old, I find it hilarious he cares what clothes he wears.  My sweet little Pookers!  

All of my kids are simply amazing and adorable.  I could write forever on the things that make me smile.  These are just some recent highlights :).  

I know Levi will add yet another unique and fun component to our family.  I am excited to see what his personality will be like.  He is pretty chill in my belly, not overly active.  So I am wondering if he will be a laid back guy.  His name means "harmonious", which I joke is very necessary for being the 4th (and 3rd boy).  I can't wait to meet him!!  

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