Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Postpartum update

I was so faithful to give pregnancy updates (read: openly complain to anyone who'd listen or read) I thought I'd give an "I AM NOT PREGNANT ANYMORE AND LIFE IS AWESOME" update :).

I've lost half my baby weight so far (which is not a huge accomplishment, considering what I gained), but I feel about 100 pounds lighter.

My personality has returned. I'm actually nice again. I control my emotions and can actually refrain from airing my grievances! Not all the time, but I'm me again! And it feels soooo nice!

I can engage with my kids so much more! It's not hard to get off the couch to see what they want me to see, and I can lay with them before bed! I say "yes" more than "no", and I like that!

For having a newborn, I'm not super sleep deprived. Levi wakes up twice a night but goes back to bed easily. I can't complain! If I need to sleep in a little, my older three will gladly watch a cartoon or three (seasons of life, I tell myself!).

All three kids are in love with Levi and fight over who gets to hold him! That's so cute :). He is well loved. I laugh because Luke is the quickest to tell me if Levi is crying! He says, "baby crying, baby crying" until I pick him up! What a sweet brother....I figured he wouldn't much notice Levi but I was wrong!

My family is so amazing! I am so in love! I am thankful for four healthy kids, and I am also thankful pregnancy is a thing of the past. I may miss a sweet newborn, but I will not miss pregnancy. I am beyond thankful God allowed my child bearing road to be easy (in so many ways), but I am also thankful to be closing that chapter.

I look forward to what lies ahead for our family, but for now, I'm spoiling my baby and loving the four gifts I've been given!

Caleb told me last night, "I am so glad to be in this family; we are a good family." He went on to say how awesome each of his siblings are. His unprompted sweetness may be one of my most favorite moments ever. I love this family too.

I cannot thank God enough for the life I've been given.

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