Thursday, June 21, 2012

Some Thoughts

I like to capture my thoughts from time to time....because I realize how quickly I forget what I'm going through at the time. This is long, I'm warning you!

I went into this delivery with wanting to be done having kids...but also people keep saying "never say never" or "I can't imagine you're done" I tried to say "I want to be done but I'm open to God's will".
While I definitely want to always follow God's will, once Levi arrived, I felt very done. It truly does feel like I'm done. And I'm actually very happy about that! When I hold Levi, I feel like it'll be the last season of life where I hold my newborn. And I'm actually good with that! I know I'll miss it, but I'm content and so thankful for the children God had given me!

In just 6 days post partum, I feel like a new woman. Pregnancy just doesn't agree with me (I actually got PUPPPs at the end....basically had an allergic reaction to pregnancy....and it itches terribly still). I don't know if it's discomfort or hormones, but I'm not myself.
I'm myself again, and it feels good! I can't wait to see my kids again and be the mom I want to be!

This recovery has been smoother than the rest. I feel good already. I definitely have lots of weight to lose but I feel so much better physically than I did just a week ago! Mentally, I'm good. Yesterday, I was weepy because I missed my kids. But I'm not near as emotional as usual.

My mom left yesterday. Her stay here was so, so good. I had such a great time hanging out with her. She is still raising 3 kids at home, so having her to myself is a rare occasion (which I completely understand).....and it was such a treat.
She mega cleaned my house. I'm talking steam cleaned my carpets (and did a much better job than I ever do), washed all my laundry, straightened the house, cleaned my yard, helped move some furniture, and more.
My mom also took me shopping before I had Levi (which was such a fun treat) and out to eat a few times.
She stayed with me at the hospital (except one night when Brett stayed) and took awesome care of my kids (alternating with Brett).
All this and we had great conversations! It truly was such a wonderful trip and she filled my love tank :).
I love my mom, and as I get older, we've become even closer! I love it!

Brett, as usual, has been awesome! He helps out so much and is so sweet! I love my man!! He's a great husband and dad.

Life is good! I am so thankful for God tremendously blessing my life! He is so good to me!
This will be a different post but God is starting to do a lot of work in my heart, making some changes. It's a weird but exciting.

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  1. I"m SO happy for you! Don't you just LOVE when mom is here...nothing like it. I hope I can be that mom to my kids when they are older :) Levi is precious, your house looks great, your not pregnant anymore, your smelling that sweet baby smell.....LIFE IS GOOD! We are cut from the same cloth in so many ways so I KNOW how good all of those things must feel :) Enjoy sweet friend!


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