Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Having a pool is such a wonderful treat for our family. There are many hot days in FL, so having a refreshing pool right outside is such a blessing!
My kids LOVE to swim! It is so fun to watch them and see their interests.

Caleb is constantly pushing himself and trying new things. He taught himself to freestyle swim, dive to the bottom of the pool with diving rings, and more. He jumps off the side. He appears to be competing against himself, trying to swim better and faster.
When Brett is swimming, Caleb likes to show off all of his new tricks and talents.

Chloe frolics. She sits on the noodle and casually floats around the pool. She is typically in a pretend world of mermaids and surfer girls. Chloe starts most sentences with "pretend I'm....(a mermaid, surfer girl, pool cleaner, horse racer)...."
She enjoys jumping in too, but, she doesn't like to compete. When Brett is here, Chloe has fun....she rides on his back, gets thrown into the water, etc.

Luke hasn't developed a pool personality yet...he does enjoy swimming yet is usually the first to be done. Every time he asks not to wear his floaties! He just kinda swims around and plays with balls and other toys. He just started jumping off the side.
Luke also likes to ride on Brett's back and be held in the water. With his lifejacket, he can easily be in the pool on his own! He isn't afraid of the water at all.

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  1. I was reading this post while Anna was right next to me and she was so excited about all the pictures! It seems like having a pool would be a must in Florida!


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