Monday, June 4, 2012

What I Did Today

Today was very busy.  Productive, definitely.  Tiring, yes!

Here is what I did (for no other reason than to make me feel good about myself):
- OB appt
- grocery shopping
- mailed a package to my sister and bills that are due
- cancelled Brett's gym membership
- washed the sheets on every single bed in our house
- caught up on finances
- took care of my kids/fed lunch/played/etc
- went to the hospital for fetal monitoring for a few hours
- went to pick up my kids at my friend's house who was watching them
- talked with my friend for awhile
- cooked dinner (Brett cooked the Asian turkey burgers and I made sides)
- cleaned the kitchen with Brett's help
- bathed and did tuck-in's with kids (Brett did a lot of the work)
- picked up the garage a little so Brett could fit his car in
- stocked our garage fridge with sodas, water, and juice boxes that had been sitting out
- organized Chloe's room (including Levi's things)
- she literally trashes her room everyday but barely plays with the toys she pulls out, so after she was in bed, I found about 3/4 of a garage bag full of stuff to giveaway (though I just purged her room last week).  She accumulates crap, somehow.  I fear that I am going to give her a complex because her room frustrates me so bad (hence me overexplaining myself), but she plays in the living room a lot and doesn't make near the mess.  So I think she just has too much stuff.  Plus her room isn't super big, so a lot of stuff is crammed in.  That probably doesn't help.  I don't get mad at her or anything, but I do ask her to pick up her room before bed.  I know I should learn to live with it.
- picked up the house (which wasn't too messy)
- remade all the beds (with Brett's help)
- cleaned out my car
- ate my daily helping of ice cream :)
- took a hot shower and stretched for the first time in awhile.  It made me feel a lot better!
- about to go to bed....yippee!!

I did random stuff but this highlight the majority of my day!  I love being productive.  My kids are getting to be so helpful (putting away dishes, cleaning up their toys, etc), and it makes my life easier!  They are so great!!  All three of them are so fun, and I love the ages they're at.  It will be so amazing bringing home a baby.  I feel like they're all in a good place to adjust to our new boy!

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