Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Levi: One Month

I have used Photobucket since the beginning of my xanga blog in 2005, but they recently updated the site....and I find it very difficult to use.  I am trying a new photo sharing site and hope it works!

Happy 1 Month to my sweet baby Levi!!  Right when he turned one month, he seemed to turn a corner in life.  My milk supply had felt low until a few days ago.  It finally feels normal, and his feedings have decreased from 30 minutes or so to about 10-12 minutes.  That has been so nice.  I am figuring out Levi's daily rhythms, which has been helpful to know what to do.  He is pretty fussy in the evenings....usually around 7 to 10 pm.  That's when he was most active in the womb, so I am not surprised.

Levi is such a great baby.  He sleeps well and eats well.  When he is awake, though, he either likes to be held or be on his tummy.  He does not like his bouncy seat, and he does not like laying on his back (unless he's asleep).

The older three kids are IN LOVE with their brother.  Luke calls him "my Bevi" (instead of Levi).  Luke is most protective of him, which is so adorable.  He alerts me if "Bevi" is crying!  Caleb and Chloe are so sweet to him, too.  They all love to hold him.  Today, Chloe left to go to a cheerleading camp (more on that later) and said, "Make sure Levi is awake when I get home so I can love on him".  So cute!

Levi is so amazing.  I am so thankful for my precious, precious boy!










 A well timed shot...haha... IMG_2938
 And, of course, my life-of-the-party daughter can't miss out on her opportunity for a picture....which I love about her..
.. IMG_2964

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