Wednesday, July 18, 2012


My ramblings are becoming a regular post around here.

One thing I have been thinking about recently and will probably blog on soon is how much God has changed me through only my six years of parenting.  Even my dad noticed it and said to me a few days ago, "You are a much better mom now than you used to be."  It's true....I have come a LONG way.  That makes me so happy because I know in another six years, I will be better than I am now.  That is the hope: that I always continue to grow and develop as a mom.  I am too tired to think through my thoughts now, but I hope to write on that soon.

I feel like I am coming out of the newborn fog and ready to get back into the swing of life.  While I am enjoying the carefree days of summer, I am looking forward to getting into a better routine.  I also am anxious to start school.  I am not sure what schooling two kids will be like, so I want to get that going and gain more confidence.

Luke is in a very 2 year old stage where he hits a lot and is so very stubborn.  While it can be tiring, I am so excited for the man he will become.  With that kind of tenacity, he will change the world.  I love that God turns our weaknesses into strengths.  I also love that Luke is equally stubborn as he is so very sweet.  How he can be so extreme, I don't know.  But it makes me laugh a lot :).  He is so super cute!

Caleb has been really into healthy eating lately.  He will eat mostly fruits and veggies, which I find to be really funny and a good practice!  I need to adopt his ways :).

I have four kids.  Wow.  I mean, WOW!  Sometimes I think about that and can't believe I am old enough to be at this place in life.  By age 30, God has fulfilled every dream I have ever had.  Another blog post in the future is how He has started giving me new dreams.  Having fulfilled my childhood/early adult dreams so fully and wonderfully, I am excited for the next phase of my life and what He has in store.

God has been stirring some things in my daily life to consider changing.  A few areas that I am particularly focusing on in the next few months (slowly) is cutting back on technology/media, thinking of ways to shrink my footprint on this earth (I made my own laundry detergent....which I really like), getting into physical shape, making better food choices, and spending my days in valuable ways (investing in my kids, cutting out excess, etc).  Once again, another blog post for a different day.

God is doing a lot around here.  Now that I am no longer pregnant and actually feel normal again, I am excited about life and what is in store!!

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