Wednesday, August 15, 2012

First Day of School

Today, August 15, was our first day of school.  I kept the workload pretty light, to acclimate Caleb and Chloe to our new school year.  Luke was kinda whiny throughout it, but Levi slept great.  Luke isn't used to playing on his own, so that may take some adjustment.

Both kids were pretty wound up for the first day!  It was so cute.  Chloe begged for more school work (which is quite the opposite from Caleb).  I was amazed in the first day to see the differences between them.  Each time Chloe has to circle something, she makes it into a smiley face.  Caleb tries to get his work done as fast as possible.  Caleb is stronger in math, and Chloe is stronger in English (it appears at their ages now).  I love how different kids are.  It actually makes teaching easier...Chloe will take her time on her work so I have time to teach Caleb.  His school day lasts longer, so when Chloe is working to make her work more detailed, Caleb isn't mad she is done before him.  Both kids are so amazing!!


 Caleb-First Grade (I have them write their name just to see how it changes through the years)...not sure why he isn't really smiling.

  IMG_3032IMG_3031 IMG_3029

 Chloe-Kindergarten (She wanted her name extra big, so she used two pieces of paper) IMG_3036 IMG_3034 

Real life :)

 Luke wanting in on the fun....I wrote his name obviously!

He held this upside down on accident (in all the pictures), but it was so cute I left it for most of them!

 The school kids:

 The older 3:
IMG_3026 IMG_3025

 With Levi (who was sleeping until we took the pictures) IMG_3042 IMG_3045

 I let them pick out their own outfits and wear their hair as they want. The boys need haircuts, but my brother is getting married in a few weeks, so I want to wait until that's closer to get haircuts. One thing I love about homeschool is the freedom to be that is why I don't make them look picture perfect for the first day. I want to remember who they were each year. I won't soon forget the time Chloe cut her bangs, haha, and these pictures captures that!

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