Monday, August 27, 2012

Life Lately

We started school two weeks ago, and life feels busy. My brother is getting married Sunday, so that's been on my mind...getting clothes that fit, writing the wedding (Brett is officiating), planning for a flight with all four kids by myself, etc. I'm actually not worried about the flight; I have to get to a rental car on my own with all of our luggage and car seats. That part freaks me out a bit. I'm sure it'll work out fine!

Back to's been full. Good but full. I'm thankful for this upcoming trip: I haven't left my house for an overnight since Levi was born (that hardly counts)....and I'm getting cabin fever! I like change, so lack of change is hard for me!

School is going well: I'm trying to figure out a good rhythm to schooling both older kids. But it's good so far. Caleb doesn't like school, so that's challenging. But we are all figuring it out!

Levi is doing great!!! He only wakes once a night to eat (can I get an amen!!!) and is an easy going baby! I'm excited to see his personality.

I planned to write more, but I just got really tired and can't think, haha!! I'll write more later :)

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