Monday, August 6, 2012


Besides my picture posts from my phone, I feel like I am sort of neglecting my blog.  It is a collection of I am tired*, glued to the Olympics, and figuring out our school stuff to start in 10 days.

* Gosh, I am TIRED.  I don't remember being this tired with my other kids, though I am sure I was.  Levi is a sweet baby.  He has pretty good rhythms to his day, except that if he isn't awake enough during the day then he parties at night.  That is exhausting!  Plus, he eats every 2.5-3 hours, so the most sleep I get at a time is maybe 2 hours.  He seems to be starting to stretch it out a bit more, but I am still nursing a lot.  He eats about every 2 to 2.5 hours in the day.  That seems more frequent than my other kids, so maybe that is tiring me.  Once I am up and out of bed, I am normally pretty's just getting out of bed that is so hard.  I have only napped once or twice since he arrived (not sure why, I just can't nap as well as I used to).
I know this will pass in just a few weeks, and I am looking forward to that.
Besides eating frequently, he's a pretty good baby.  He sleeps well, most of the time.  He only screams/cries if he wants to be held and I can't hold him....but if someone holds him, he rarely cries!  He likes to be snuggled, which means he's easily consolable when crying.  The older three kids adore the heck of out him!  It is so sweet.  As I have said, Luke is actually the sweetest of all.  He LOVES his little brother.  They all love him, but Luke is particularly into him.

Within the last few days, Levi has been smiling a ton.  Which is always so much fun!  He has the sweetest, biggest smile.  I love it!!

Caleb, Chloe, and Luke are all doing awesome.  They are beyond amazing and just so fun.  They bring Brett and me so much joy.  We laugh a lot.  They are all at such great stages (I always say that), but it's true: they are all so amazing.  I want to write about each of them individually, but I need to go to bed.

I will also post pictures from Caleb's baptism soon.  That was really cool.

Once school starts, I hope to continue to post.  We are starting earlier than originally planned because my brother is getting married over Labor Day weekend (I am super excited about that), and I don't want to fall behind this early in the year.  So I want two solid weeks before heading home.  I have their school work organized and ready....and we are set to finish at the end of April.  I know I will take off unexpected weeks during the year, so this puts us at mid-May for an end point.  I am happy about that.

I am off to bed......

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