Monday, September 17, 2012

Four Kids

Having four children has inadvertently helped me overcome my issues with caring too much what people think.

-while visiting family recently, my siblings with one child kept commenting on the noise level...which is the same volume as my house on a daily basis

- my daughter's bangs are growing out ever so slowly and only has brushed hair sometimes

- my kids' clothes sometimes match, sometimes don't

- For 2 years, Caleb purposely mismatched his shoes (same shoe style, different colors)

- my house is only clean between the hours of 9 pm and 7 am

- my kitchen floor is usually sticky

- my car typically has the faint smell of fries (lost in the seat somewhere)

- my 2 year old can work an iPhone but still wears diapers

- string cheese and strawberries is considered lunch some days

- if you acknowledge any of my children in public, they will act like you don't exist and all of a sudden lose all use of words. Don't expect a "hello" or "thank you" unless you're in our home. They simply won't talk to people in public.

- there's usually dry toothpaste in the sink and something in the toilet (does anyone know how to flush??)

My fear of man has (thankfully) faded....because we are enjoying and living life to the full!!

It's not a tidy life but it's a good, good life.

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