Saturday, September 1, 2012


Things that my kids say and do often and make me smile:

When Chloe does a magic trick, to make something disappear, she says "abracadabra alakazam cresto!"

Luke, when he doesn't hear what I say, always says (really cutely), "huh??"

Chloe learned to snap a few weeks ago, and now she snaps a lot...when she's playing, walking, and anytime. It's really cute. Caleb can't snap yet, and it bugs him so bad that Chloe learned first!

Caleb is really good at math. He taught himself to count by 10s. He also taught himself to swim backstroke, freestyle, and butterfly just from watching the Olympics. He is SO observant! He will watch something then teach himself. It's really cool to me that he has such initiative.

Luke is such a boy. We jokingly call him meathead because he likes to head butt things, hit, and be aggressive. But just at home. Outside the house, he typically acts quiet and sweet. He actually is just as sweet as he is tough!

Levi only wakes one time a night to eat. Because he loves me. He is seriously so cute! He seems kinda serious. He smiles big smiles (the most at Caleb and Brett), but he doesn't do it constantly.

Luke's vocabulary is quickly expanding, which is always so sweet.

Luke is very picky. He picks out his own clothes, and most of the time matches! I have to lift him up to pick out a shirt (which takes him awhile to pick out the perfect one) then he will say "blue shorts" or "brown shorts". Forget it if I try to dress him in something different! He throws a fit.

At dinner, Caleb asks to only be served healthy food. He also refuses to eat stringy (melted) cheese. He and Chloe both will eat way more fruit than other foods.

Chloe calls smoothies "smooshies". And asks Brett for a drink of his every single day :)

I love being a mom of four. My sister was watching them all at the airport the other day while I went to get a rental car. She said "I totally see what you mean about how people act with so many. People were pointing and staring." It's funny how people do that. I think it's because they're close together but also small in stature.
I feel like I'm a better mom with four kids than I was with just 1 or 2. But I think maybe it's just because they're also older and I have more experience. Either way, I love being a mom! And I adore all of my sweet kids! They make me laugh and bring joy to my days!

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