Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Caleb and Chloe are playing Upward basketball this fall. I wanted them to be able to do something together (because of Brett's schedule, I mostly go alone to practices so having one practice a week is helpful) but inside (because it's too hot with Levi).

Basketball was the sport offered, so I went with it.
They had their evaluations today, and it was so hilariously telling of their personalities.

Caleb took it so seriously. He's never played basketball, but he could do everything they asked. I was impressed but not surprised.

Chloe was very concerned whether or not she would get a new outfit (not uniform, ha) out of the deal. During her evaluation, she just didn't care. She made the effort but had zero competitiveness.

We get in the car. Caleb wanted a new basketball goal and ball. We took him to get a ball. On the way home, Chloe asked if she could cheer for Caleb while he practiced :).

All she wants to do is cheer and do gymnastics. I will sign her up for cheer in the winter season when it's time. She is young, so I want her to try a variety of activities before she settles into one (same for Caleb; he is just more in to variation).

It just made me laugh to watch them in the evaluations because it was the perfect picture of who they are! They're so adorable!

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  1. This is so fun! I love how much you cherish each one of your kids personalities.


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