Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Funny Things My Kids Do, Part 329 :)

Parenting is such a cool thing. I think I want my kids to stay their same age forever. Then they grow, and they get more awesome. Which I wouldn't think is possible but it is. I love that.
They make me smile, and it is a true joy to get to raise these amazing kids.

- he is in the inquisitive stage. He asks tons of questions a day. He usually starts with "hey, mom, guess what?"
- Caleb is the most thorough, thoughtful person I know. He makes no decision without carefully thinking through it. I love that about him.
- he is such an easy kid to raise. He doesn't care much for school (even though he's smart), but other than that, he is easy. At bedtime, he comes out of his bedroom about 12 times. If that's his biggest downfall, I'd say we are good!
- Caleb is obsessed with toys. He peruses toy websites, catalogs; he asks about them a lot. It's so cute. My dad always pays him for random stuff, and he LOVES that!

- before she falls asleep, she calls out from her room for me to scratch her back. When I'm scratching, every time she says, "when you're done, pull my shirt down, put the sheets on me."
- she's obsessed with cheerleading. She has memorized every cheer at the Boca games!
- when she lies, she smiles and it's so obvious, haha
- she uses term "easy peasy" about everyday. As in, "let's make snowflakes; it's easy peasy!"

- he wipes off my kisses often (he doesn't like being wet at all....if I touch him with recently washed hands, he hates it)
- he is just seriously adorable: his language and voice are beyond precious
- he has unrivaled stubbornness that is hilarious
- I've said this before: his attention to detail is beautiful. He notices my haircuts, a new shirt, if I wear a watch, etc. It's super sweet!

- oh, my baby!! I adore this boy!
- he is beyond precious: such an easy baby
- Levi laughs so much! He belly laughs and its the best!
- he sleeps pretty well! Yay!
- he is so chill; he fits in well with our family!

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