Wednesday, October 3, 2012

If I Go Gray Early, This Is Why

Caleb recently learned the word "balls" (as in, you know, boy parts).  He uses the word more often than I would like, but Chloe has NO clue what it means.  So she uses the word a lot, except she totally misuses it.  I try to correct her, but she is five and knows everything now, so she will not be corrected.

She also has her first crush.  On a 22 year old guy.  (Side note: Jesus, please return soon.)

That's beside the point.  Except while I am still on the point:  She casually asked me the other day (while twirling her hair), "Would it, like, be cool if I invited Brannen to my basketball game?"  (She normally refers to him as Mr. Brannen, so apparently, her teenage-acting self was too cool for manners.)  (Side note: Jesus, please return soon.)

Anyway, Chloe does not know what "balls" are (excuse the word, I hate that word).  However, she knows the part actually exists.  She calls them "Luigi's".  I have no idea why.    But, here we are: boys have Luigi's.  (Should I even type that with a capital letter?)

As if that's not bad enough, it gets worse.

In our house, we refer to a girl part as a "jay-jay" (sort of from Grey's Anatomy, I guess?).  Luke thinks he has a jay-jay.  I will be changing his diaper, and he will say, "my jay-jay, my jay-jay".  I also try to correct him, but he won't listen, either.

I once heard the argument that you're supposed to teach your kids the anatomical terms.  My kids overuse these words so much (to my great embarrassment), so it would be way more mortifying if they actually used the real names.

However, I am sure anything would be better than where we are currently at.

You can pray for me :).


  1. hysterical. i love hearing about this stuff in other families in the same "season" as us. Makes me feel so much more normal :)

  2. LOL. This is hilarious! Jadon said that word "nuts" the other day and my mouth fell open.


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