Thursday, November 22, 2012


I'm toying around with idea to spend 2013 doing something new each week (that I've never done before). I already have a pretty full plate, so maybe I will make it once a month?!

I have felt like I'm in sort of a rut lately. Life is very good and full but just sort of routine. I'd prefer that to awful, but as a homeschooling and stay at home mom to four kids, my life is about almost everyone/everything but myself. I love the life I've chosen, but it can feel monotonous. Ordinary days are so awesome in a lot of ways but I want to add some spice to my life!

Spending time doing something novel will be a way to add spontaneity to my days.

I've come up with some things to do, and we'll see if this pans out.

- go off the social media grid
- read through the Boxcar Children with my kids
- cook every meal from scratch
- make a craft a day
- no sugar
- no cleaning my house (I'm scared of this one)
- either make my Pinterest pins or delete them
- switch as many items as possible to homemade (cleaning products, spices, etc)
- go on a field trip a day
- exercise every day of that week
- cut out TV
- calling each time I wanted to text

These are just some ideas. The point would be to try something novel: whether super fun or a discipline that isn't as fun. Both are a good way to keep life fresh!

If I don't do it formally, I plan to focus on doing spontaneous things more often!!

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  1. Oh Boxcar Children! You just brought back some good memories!


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