Monday, November 12, 2012

Chloe is 5

My amazingly fun girl turned 5...well, two months ago...but I just recently photographed her to commemorate turning 5. Her bangs are much improved, though, so maybe it was good I waited (on a side note: I am really bad at doing her hair...her hair is wild, and I cannot get it to look good. Bangs are just not agreeable with her hair, so we are definitely growing those out.)

 These pictures will definitely be remembered as the year of bad hair, haha! Before the bad bang cut, her hair was precious!! Whether or not you can pull of bangs is a good lesson to learn early in life.

My girl is so wonderful. As our only girl, she is 100% girl. She is spunky, sometimes sassy, but always fun. To Chloe, life is a game. When she is in trouble, she starts laughing hysterically to get out of trouble. Often she will ask me, "What are we doing, not tomorrow, not tomorrow, not tomorrow, but the next day?" She will change the number of tomorrows to find out what we are doing for the next week. She uses her fingers to point out which "tomorrow" she is talking about. This makes me laugh.

Life is definitely more full because of my sweet Chloe. I am thankful to be her mommy! She looks very similar to me, but she is quite different from me in personality. For one, she is messy, like really messy. Clutter does not bother her. I jokingly say that it is God's way of making her always need me in life. When she is older, I may have to help with her homemaking skills.

I adore my princess. She has a larger than life personality, yet when she is in public, she acts quiet and reserved. At home, she is so the opposite. People are often amazed how different she is when they come to our home (than if they just know her from being at school or the park). IMG_3425 IMG_3446 IMG_3444 IMG_3432 IMG_3428 IMG_3427 IMG_3424 IMG_3420

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