Friday, December 28, 2012

Catch up

I want to catch up....Christmas and more....but my older three kids have been at their grandparents....and I've been MAJORLY cleaning out my house.
It is interesting to me how we really don't have that much excess stuff....when it's all put away in the right place.
There were hundreds of Legos around the house. And many ponytail holders. Among other stuff!!

I am WORN OUT from it all, but my house has never been more organized. Of course, it will be torn up in 2.8 seconds when my kids return. Haha!

Also, I will post pics later, but I also did a homeschool room makeover. I had a temporary table in a room that I was testing as a school room. It is working so well for us, so I wanted to make it a permanent spot. Not so beautiful but definitely practical.

Anyway I want to do thorough updates but I am wiped out. I've also been having one on one time with my Beevers...organizing when he's in bed....and I have loved it!! He's been sick, so he needs me more than usual (which is so sweet).

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