Friday, December 7, 2012

Random Pics

I may posted some of these before, but I'm going through deleting stuff off my I will post again to be sure!
This is an old picture of Brett and me when we were engaged:

I am sure I announced that Chloe cut her bangs....again!!!!! Right after I declared the bang debacle to be over, she decided to chop them again.
I have no words :). She is definitely going to do what she wants to do! She's so cute, though, that I couldn't be too mad...but I really hope this is the last time.

Caleb took this of Brett. He makes faces at them when he pumps gas :) What an awesome dad!

Sweet Beevers (Levi)

The 3 babies at CC:

Luke demands to wear sunglasses everywhere we go!
He fell asleep!

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