Saturday, December 1, 2012

Things You May or May Not Know About Me

It has been awhile since I've done a "random things about me" post.  I have spent too long today reading through Young House Love and this post inspired to me to write this post.  I will be honest: their blog is way more fun than mine, so you may just want to go ahead and click over there.

Before I start, one thing that I have been learning a lot about lately is how different we all are.  It all started in taking this quiz.  And re-reading a book called Strength Finders: a few years ago, our church staff took this quiz to learn how to relate to each other.  It was profound at the time, but I had forgotten much of it.  I re-read my strengths, and one of my top strengths is empathy.  In the description, it talks about how empathy-strong people can perceive others emotions but most people cannot.  Reading people's emotions comes so naturally for me that it never dawned on me that some (actually, most) people can't.  Which actually makes a lot of things  make sense.  It actually got me thinking how many things come so naturally to each of us that we don't realize others aren't the same (though we expect them to be).

That, apparently, is a different story for a different post. The point is: I loved reading Young House Love and am fascinated by their blog (both the projects and the following it has).  However, if I ever approached Brett to quit working to become a full-time home renovator and blogger, well, Jesus would have already returned....because that would never happen.  I love how God made us all different, both with strengths and quirks.  I love the man I married and adore his strengths, and goodness knows, we do not have time/space/money to do home projects.  It just made me smile to think of how different couples are.

So the post and blog got me thinking, we are all quirky.  And that is so awesome.

Here are some quirky things about me:

- I only wear "house clothes" around my house.  When I come home, I immediately change out of my regular clothes.  I am not sure if it is to be comfortable, or because I don't have many clothes (so I have to save them), or because I have little kids....but I am usually in comfy clothes.

- I wear shoes 100% of the time, unless I am showering or in bed.  I think I have shared that before.  But this week, I realized, because I wear shoes, I don't realize how nasty it is for others to walk on our gross floors.

- I semi-freakout when I have to remove shoes to go into people's homes.  (I do not totally understand the thought behind this rule.  I understand it cuts down on dirt inside, but maybe it's just me....but my kids play outside without shoes all the time...and track in.  Maybe it's a germ thing, but germs are everywhere...if you forget to take your shoes off once, it foils the whole plan.  I know it is cultural in some places, but most everyone I know isn't doing it for the culture.  Apparently, I am more passionate about this than I realized, hahaha).

- When I sleep, I barely move.  My sheets look the same as when I went to bed.  I cannot sleep with people who are violent sleepers LOL!

- I manage our family's finances.  Besides knowing we have enough to survive, Brett does not have any idea about our finances.

- When I daydream, my mind wanders to things I can organize.  As much as I enjoy it, I am not actually that good at it.  I am good at purging and only keeping what I need, but I am actually not super good at organizing.  Though I really want to be.  I think it is lack of supplies.  If I could go on a shopping spree at The Container Store, I'd probably find I could organize well.

- I have texture issues (I imagine most people do, on some level).  Construction paper, public restroom paper towels or fast food paper napkins, wooden #2 pencils, wet bread....are among the biggest offenders.

- While I find it difficult to read my Bible without distraction, I actually pray a lot throughout the day.

- I don't really worry very much.  I credit that to my parents, who worry about very little.

- Two of my goals in raising my kids is that they will love and passionately follow Jesus and also want to be my friend when they're grown.

- I have 20 pounds to lose to get to my pre-baby weight.  While I am annoyed my clothes don't fit, I actually am not unhappy with what I look like.

- I can use "I've had 4 kids in 6 years" to justify about anything: extra weight (above fact), mistakes, forgetfulness, etc.

- I shave my arms and have done so since I was in high school.  I often forget that most people don't do this.

- Hair, probably more than anything, grosses me out.  I love having overnight guests in our home, but the one thing I struggle with is cleaning the bathroom.  Hair makes me gag!  Even if I know whose it is.  Luckily, the only other girl in this house has blonde hair, so I can't see hers :).

- If I could be good at one totally shallow thing, it would be making myself look good: good at doing hair, make-up, and fashion.

- I would love if I had the ability to make my house look like you stepped into a catalog when you walked in, but I also delight that my home is a warm, inviting place that people come to often. I don't actually ask people's opinions on my home, but people tend to I hope that means it's because they're enjoying themselves.

= When people say "marriage is really hard", I have to be honest: I don't think it's that hard.  Granted, I am married to the easiest man on the planet to live with, but our (almost) 8 years of marriage have been awesome.  I don't think "hard" would be a word I would use to describe it.  (I also think that God has called us to marriage ministry, so a good marriage is a gift from Him....because Brett and I aren't that I give credit entirely to God).

- I am an "on time" person.  I am never early somewhere, rarely late (unless it's early in the morning), but usually on time (give or take a few minutes, obviously).

That's enough for now.  Those aren't that interesting of quirks....but I've had 4 kids in 6 years, you can't expect me to be that creative, ok!?


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  1. I just love you :)

    Is it because we are so alike? Well we are, but I actually think it's you are so funny (which I am not) and I love funny people!

    I say ditto to this entire post minus the shoes and 4 kids. LITERALLY


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