Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Fun Pictures

Caleb's Prince of Persia Lego set (he is amazing at Lego's)  photo IMG_3764.jpg

 photo IMG_3762.jpg

Levi sleeping:
 photo IMG_6072.jpg

Photos by the adorable Chloe:
 photo IMG_6073.jpg

A self-portrait:
 photo IMG_6083.jpg

Hey, I am working out:
 photo IMG_6107.jpg

Photo by Caleb:
 photo IMG_6111.jpg
This makes me laugh every time I see it.

Bath time:
 photo IMG_6116.jpg

More pics by Chloe:
 photo IMG_6122.jpg

I don't look so hot, but I am in so few pictures that I want to document some!  photo IMG_6128.jpg

 photo IMG_6129.jpg

 photo IMG_6140.jpg

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  1. Chloe with a mustache... such a hipster. :) -Meng


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