Monday, January 21, 2013

Happy 3rd Birthday, Luke!!


My sweet Pookers is 3 today.  THREE!  I cannot believe how fast that came.

I love my Luke more than words can say.  He is the absolute most precious boy.  Every night, Brett and I just laugh about the hilarious things he does throughout the day.  He makes me laugh and laugh and laugh.  From showing up to dinner in cowboy boots (and only cowboy boots) to talking in the cutest voice ever, he just brings so much joy to my life.  He is our most snuggly child and still loves to be held, hugged, and snuggled.  We often find him in bed with us (though he sleeps at the foot of the bed so we don't notice he's there and put him back in bed, haha) and if I ask him why he slept with us, he says, "because I love you, mommy!"

One of his favorite sayings right now is "why, mom, why?" in "Why are you wearing that shirt, Mom? Why?"  or "Why did you buy apples, Mom? Why?"  He repeats the "why" everytime.

Luke is very attentive to small details.  He notices if I get a new shirt, or change something on a shelf, or rearrange items on a countertop.  No detail of decor, fashion, etc go unnoticed....the extent to which he notices these things is quite comical, considering he is 180% boy!!  He is as much a bruiser as he is cute.  He will hit, kick, throw, climb, punch anything and everything.  He is wild and awesomely fun!

My sweet Pookers has stubbornness that rivals mine (which is tough to do, haha).  We joke he runs the house, because most battles are not worth fighting with him.  One example: Our other kids sleep in their beds.  He sleeps on couches, in our bed, Chloe's bed, the floor, the hallway....pretty much where he decides to crash for the night, he does.  No matter how many times I say, "go to your room," if he wants to lay on the couch, he will find a way.  The boy is tenacious, I tell ya!

I am not sure where they came up with it, but when Luke is being stubborn or a bruiser, Caleb and Chloe call him "a little Billy".  They will say, "Stop being a little Billy".  To which he replies, "I NOT A LITTLE BILLY.  I LUKE!" It has caught on that I will say (when trying to get him to obey), "You are a Luke; you are a not a little Billy.  Billy's don't listen but Luke's do."  I have no idea how this has stuck, haha!  Though, now that it has started to bother him, I don't let them call him little Billy anymore.

Back to the fashion, he picks out his clothes and is extremely picky about what he wants to wear.  His favorite items are camo (so maybe his fashion sense isn't that great), which he calls his "gun shirt".
At Christmas, we told the kids we were going to Bass Pro, and he picked out this outfit on his own.  Though I despise camo, he obviously knew to dress the part!

Luke is the most endearing soul.  He is so beyond precious.  I adore him to my core.  My boy who requires sunglasses when in the car melts my heart.  He still feels so much like my baby, I don't know why.  Maybe because Levi is still so small, I don't know, but Luke is just so pinchable and cute.

Happy birthday, sweet Pookers!!


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