Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Levi-7 months

My always happy, super sweet baby is 7 months!!  I am a few days late on pictures because we went to the Keys for the weekend.

 photo IMG_3797.jpg

 photo IMG_3799.jpg

 photo IMG_3800.jpg

 photo IMG_3804.jpg

 photo IMG_3807.jpg
Chloe made this sign to match the ones I make:  photo IMG_3810.jpg

 photo IMG_3815.jpg

Levi is SO close to crawling: he rocks back and forth then kinda scoots forward  photo IMG_3819.jpg

At 7 months, he still has no teeth (but has seemed to be teething for a week now).  He does not sleep through the night (or even close) but he falls asleep easily after nursing in the night.  He takes good naps in the day.  I can't complain, though I do look forward to more sleep :).
Levi's overall demeanor is awesome.  He is so content, generally happy, and loves to laugh.  He adores his siblings, and they adore him.  I love my boy so much!!  I enjoy him and love to watch him grow and enjoy life.

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