Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Years Eve

New Years Eve was so much fun this year.  We went to a friend's (from CC) house.  It was great to celebrate with friends I see regularly but don't know super well.  The Rhodes have a beautiful home with tons of fun stuff to do, so it was so much fun ringing in the New Year!!

I did not take pictures (forgot camera again and also wanted to soak in the moment).  But it was a great way to end 2012.

In the new year, I spent some time praying and seeking God about what He desires for me in 2013.  Through journaling and prayer, He gave me some awesome things to look forward to.  I know resolutions get a bad rap, but seeking God for HIS plans for your year is very awesome.  Writing them down is a great way to be able to reflect back on what God did that year.

This is the first time in a long time that I feel like I am thriving and not just surviving.  Between having kids early in marriage and a lot very quickly, being a big part of church plants in two different cities, moving across the country, and just daily life, I have not felt at a good place in a long time.  Now that Levi is a bit older, I am done having kids (I think), and we are settled into a long term home, I feel, for the first time, like I can breathe and enjoy life!!  This year is gonna be awesome!!  I can't wait to see what God has in store!!!

Thank you for reading my blog and following my family.  I love my family dearly, and I enjoy sharing them with friends.  I also enjoy my friends who blog; I feel a close connection to each of you that I would not otherwise get to enjoy.  I love watching your kids grow up from afar.  I feel like I know each of them so well.

Have a most wonderful 2013!!!

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