Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Park Day

We enjoyed the park with some sweet friends of ours.  They have boys that are Caleb and Luke's ages, and their girls are older than Chloe but are so beyond sweet to her.

The funny part of these pictures.  The mom of the family is really funny.  These photos were totally candid.  They were all playing together so sweetly so we wanted to capture the moments, but there was a random boy that was playing with them.  Which is fine, except we don't need to remember him for the rest of time.  So on the way over to snap the picture, my friend jokingly whispered, "Should we tell one of the kids to block him out of the picture?"  Obviously, we did not tell the kids to do this, but randomly, they totally blocked him out each time.  It made us laugh SO hard.  Which is probably a better memory than the picture itself!




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