Monday, February 25, 2013

Things They Say

Are all kids as funny as mine? Because I seriously laugh every day. They're aren't comedic on purpose but still hilarious!!

Chloe is probably the funniest because she is constantly dreaming big.

Today, in the car, she asked if we could skip school. When I said no, she replied, "Well it's my American Girl* doll's birthday, and her party is during school."

*she actually has an off-brand doll but still calls it AG (glad I didn't spend the $$, haha).

She's been planning this party for awhile because we had this exchange recently:

Chloe: "Mom, you know how on Christmas you go to the store in the middle of the night to get us, like, the trampoline?"

Me: "Yeah"

Chloe: "Can you go to the store in the middle of the night tonight to get two presents for my doll? She's going to college tomorrow and leaves really early."

When trying to get her way: "I'm an artist so I can do anything!"

When explaining the difference between evolution and creation, she asked, "Why did they (scientists) choose monkeys and not bears?"
Kinda made me laugh how ridiculous evolution seems to a child yet adults believe it!

"Is today Wednesday? Is gymnastics today?"
When I replied yes, she said" YAY! I love Wednesday!"

Luke is really funny. He does a lot of physically funny things (runs in the room funny or falls to the ground). His sayings are so cute. Luke says stuff like "that's nice", "you a meanie", "me wants ice cream".

Caleb is much more serious than the others but is still goofy a lot. I can't remember anything too funny lately but he definitely makes me laugh too!!

I love to laugh. I am so thankful I have such funny kids!

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