Sunday, March 24, 2013


When I think about never being pregnant again, here is what comes to mind:

- I am not sure there is anyone who, when I say I am done having kids, believes me.  It is the strangest thing....even strangers will say, "You aren't done; you probably just need a break."  I am not sure why people don't believe me.  While I am open to anything God wants to do, I truly feel like I am done birthing babies.  Chloe drew a picture of me today and put a baby in my belly.  Caleb talks about his next sibling as if it's a guarantee.  

- Never having morning sickness (read: all day pukes for 4+ months) is something I am VERY thankful for (how did I survive it, I will never know)

- Never feeling a baby kicking in my belly again is kinda sad

- My pregnancies were hard and long, but now I can barely remember being pregnant (except knowing how awful it was)

- I REALLY liked "eating for two" (even though you aren't supposed to, I did anyway....when in life will I ever have license to eat as much as I want again?)

- Before I was done having kids, when I saw pregnant women, I would get warm fuzzies in my heart.  Now when I see pregnant women, I think, "Thank you, Lord, that I never have to do that again."  I think that's when you know you're done ;)

- It makes me sad that I will never have to peruse the baby aisle at Target (for myself)

- I used to keep a stock of pregnant tests "just in case".  I will probably keep a few around "just in case", haha

- I gained 200 pounds and lost 190 pounds in 6+ years.  That's pretty impressive (sad but impressive)

- I will probably now treat my OBGYN like I treat my dentist.  Someone I visit like once every 3 years (don't judge)

I have other thoughts about pregnancy, but it is 1:03 am....and my kids will be up in no time.  

To end, I will share a funny story.  I was telling Brett today about how it's weird that no one believes me that I am done having kids (as I mentioned at the beginning of this post).  He said, "I will make you a deal.  You have a 5th baby, and you can have any plastic surgery you want."

I laughed so hard.  My reason for not wanting a 5th is not vanity, but I guess I have been a little vocal about how my body has changed :).  I have given away all of my maternity clothes.  I decided that, if I were to have a 5th baby, the least I could do is be able to look cute :).  

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