Monday, April 1, 2013


Chloe is never short on material to humor me. She is so hilarious and SO ME!

(I mean, THE FACE!!)

Chloe has been injured for 5 days now. She broke her ankle doing gymnastics in the house.

She can still do gymnastics in the house because her ankle isn't broken if she's on carpet.

She's begging me to buy "walking sticks" (crutches).

This injury is all fake of course! I used to fake the same injury as a kid.

So, of course, I humor her (minus the crutches).

Brett doesn't really understand, but it makes my heart smile.

Another funny thing Chloe does is ask me (constantly), "What are we doing not tomorrow, not tomorrow, not tomorrow, but the next day?"

The "not tomorrows" vary in number. But the goofiest part is that I actually keep track of the tomorrow's as she's asking, so I can give an accurate answer. I may have issues?? :)

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