Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tae Kwon Do

Caleb participated in Tae Kwon Do class this winter.  He enjoyed it.  I often think he is so big and growing so fast, but compared the older kids, he seemed so small!!

He did great and earned his "stripes" on his white belt.  He is not continuing with the class (he liked it but wants to explore other sports).

 photo IMG_3916.jpg

 photo IMG_3921.jpg

 photo IMG_3926.jpg

 photo IMG_3929.jpg

 photo IMG_3931.jpg

 photo IMG_3937.jpg

 photo IMG_3946.jpg

 photo IMG_3961.jpg

 photo IMG_3975.jpg

 photo IMG_3980.jpg

 photo IMG_3981.jpg

 The peanut gallery
 photo IMG_3967.jpg

 photo IMG_3966.jpg

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