Monday, May 6, 2013

Fun Facts About Levi

1. His favorite toy is the toilet. Literally. If we can't find him, he's happily splashing. (And I am not so happy).

2. He can throw a full on fit (usually for closing the bathroom door). He lays on his belly, does the airplane position, and wails!

3. He has two teeth. No longer a one-tooth cutie :).

4. At ten and a half months, he finally makes it the whole night without a meal. He still wakes up twice but can self soothe. I'm finallllly sleeping again, but I am oddly more tired than when I was up a lot?!?

5. Levi is standing without the help of anything but isn't really cruising yet.

6. He is irresistibly cute.

7. He loves to laugh.

8. He loves to take baths.

9. He loves to play with his siblings in their rooms. They love to play with him too.

10. He no longer takes a pacifier.

I love my sweet baby!!

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