Saturday, May 18, 2013

Levi- 11 Months

At 11 months, Levi has two full teeth (top front teeth), two bottom middle teeth coming in, and one more top tooth coming in.  It's been a teething month.

Levi still loves to laugh!  He crawls around constantly and eats everything he can find.  Although he plays pretty independently, the eating issue makes me have to watch him constantly.  He is a mama's boy, for sure.  Whenever I walk into the room, he races over to me.

Levi isn't a difficult baby but he isn't super easy.  He can throw a good fit and doesn't sleep/nap well.  He is getting better but is not consistent.  He is determined, so if he doesn't want to nap, he won't nap.  The upside: he weaned off of a pacifier with no effort on my part, so that's nice!

Besides the sleep issue and occasional fit, he is so fun and absolutely adorable!!  He has a good spirit and LOVES his brothers and sister.

We are so blessed by our sweet boy!!

 photo IMG_4794.jpg

 photo IMG_4795.jpg

 photo IMG_4796.jpg

 photo IMG_4797.jpg

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 photo IMG_4813.jpg

Luke wanting in on the photo shoot:
 photo IMG_4815.jpg

 photo IMG_4817.jpg

 photo IMG_4819.jpg

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