Saturday, May 18, 2013

Outside Family Time

One of my most favorite things about where we live is eternal summer.  It is warm and sunny here most every day of the year.  I love snow and cold temperatures, but living in a tropical climate is definitely a treat.

We are outside a lot and love it!

I was trying to get a picture of Levi's one tooth :)

 photo IMG_4079.jpg

 photo IMG_4082.jpg

 photo IMG_4081.jpg

 photo IMG_4083.jpg
The older kids playing....
 photo IMG_4084.jpg

 photo IMG_4085.jpg

 photo IMG_4086.jpg

 photo IMG_4087.jpg

 photo IMG_4092.jpg

 photo IMG_4097.jpg

 photo IMG_4102.jpg

 photo IMG_4103.jpg

 photo IMG_4104.jpg

 photo IMG_4106.jpg

 photo IMG_4110.jpg

 photo IMG_4113.jpg

 photo IMG_4115.jpg

 photo IMG_4117.jpg

 photo IMG_4119.jpg

 photo IMG_4120.jpg

 photo IMG_4123.jpg

 photo IMG_4125.jpg

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