Saturday, May 18, 2013

Upward Soccer

Caleb and Chloe have participated in Upward Soccer this Spring.  Caleb has enjoyed it, and Chloe has tolerated it.  She likes the social aspect but isn't so much into the sport.

 photo IMG_4612.jpg

The Leopards
 photo IMG_4619.jpg

 photo IMG_4624.jpg

 photo IMG_4627.jpg

 photo IMG_4629.jpg

 photo IMG_4633.jpg

 photo IMG_4637.jpg

 photo IMG_4649.jpg

 photo IMG_4650.jpg

 photo IMG_4667.jpg

 photo IMG_4669.jpg

 photo IMG_4675.jpg

 photo IMG_4685.jpg

The Cobras:
 photo IMG_4693.jpg

 photo IMG_4695.jpg

 photo IMG_4698.jpg

 photo IMG_4708.jpg

 photo IMG_4715.jpg

 photo IMG_4716.jpg

 photo IMG_4721.jpg

 photo IMG_4726.jpg

 photo IMG_4740.jpg

 photo IMG_4775.jpg

 photo IMG_4781.jpg

 photo IMG_4785.jpg

 photo IMG_4789.jpg

 photo IMG_4791.jpg

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