Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Caleb is such a good kid. He's such a steady, easy, sweet spirited kid. The kind of kid that is so enjoyable to be around. I love his heart and love being his mama. He's all boy but he just has a gentle spirit that I adore.

Today, he asked me why people smoke. Side note: I'm reading a fabulous book about boys and it's so funny how much it perfectly describes Caleb's current stage. One thing it says is that anything parents don't do, boys his age will deem as "bad". We can all agree smoking is bad, but that's not something we've taught our kids.

Anyway back to my story....
After asking why people smoke (and I really didn't have a great answer.....because why do they??), he said, "I really wish smoking didn't exist. From now on when I make a wish, I'm not going to ask for silly things, like to be richer. I'm going to wish for good things."

Oh my! That boy is amazing!! His heart, oh, it's the best.

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