Wednesday, June 5, 2013


One of my most favorite things about Chloe is how much she loves the things I loved as a kid.  She plays with dolls, plays house, and likes to do crafts.  She is also really into braces, crutches, and glasses, which I was super into as a kid, as well (and only ever had fake glasses, borrowed crutches for fun, but I did have braces).

It makes me smile how much Chloe loves the same things.

So when she asked me for glasses, I had to oblige :).  Hey, it's cheaper and smaller than crutches!

She takes them seriously.  When she has them off, she pretends she can't see.  She even purposely failed an eye test to get them.  When I said she could get them, no matter what, she miraculously passed the eye test :).  I just wanted to be sure she did not need real glasses!!

 photo IMG_4167_zps6b8eca14.jpg

 photo IMG_4166_zpsd99f8b77.jpg

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