Monday, June 17, 2013


About two months ago, a girl that goes to school where Brett coaches football told him she had a dream about us.  The girl saw us holding a baby girl, and her name was Olivia.  Brett asked her if the baby was ours or not, and she said, "She looked just like the rest of your kids."

Anyone who knows me will get a good laugh out of this one.  Brett wants another baby (especially a girl but obviously would love a boy too), and while I am definitely open to another child, I would prefer it to come by any means other than my body.  I have talked about this way too many times on this blog, I am sure.

I prayed about the dream (taking it seriously because God often speaks to me through dreams).  I really didn't know what to do with it, so I decided to just stop worrying/thinking about it.  I don't really know why this is such a weird struggle for me.  I guess because I reallllly want to be done with this phase of life, but I also just plain love my kids and being a mom.  No one believes me that I am done, so I guess that's where the struggle comes in....wanting to be done but not getting any confirmation from anyone (even my kids ask when our next baby is coming).

Anyway, I've blogged about that endlessly.  Back to dreams....but first a backstory....

Obviously the way to add to a family without pregnancy is adoption.  I am open to adoption but have no plans to pursue that.  I have mixed feelings about it that I will blog about another day.  Because I am not pursuing it, I have joked that, if a teenage girl got pregnant and needed help, I would be happy to adopt her baby.  I have joked to my friends about that, but I am not sure I have ever mentioned it to Brett.

Last night, Brett had a dream.  He said that we opened the door and there was a baby girl left on our front porch (about 6 months old) with a note that said "because of a divorce".  And the person who recommended this baby be dropped off at our house was the same girl who had the original dream about Olivia.  It was not her baby, but it was someone she knew.

The dream could be literal or symbolic.  I am not sure which it is.  But it was definitely humorous.

Only time will tell, of course.  The only reason I am documenting this is on the off-chance it becomes a will be funny to look back on.  

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