Sunday, June 30, 2013

End of June update

My precious, adorable baby is ONE.  Wow.  I can't believe it.  Leading up to his birthday, I was having bittersweet feelings of him turning one.  He is still so much a baby, in many ways, but the first birthday feels like such a huge milestone.  However, once he turned 1, I have to say....I am only feeling the sweet feelings.  I love my kids with everything I have (in case you haven't noticed, haha), and I am pretty excited to be moving forward with life.  One thing I have noticed about raising kids: it only gets better.

When I see newborn pictures on Facebook, I definitely have to skip over them fast because.....oh my gosh, NEWBORNS!!  They're amazingly sweet.  But, other than that, I am very thankful to be going forward in life.  It's weird to be closing the baby chapter of my life.  Levi officially weaned today....I dropped the final 5 am feeding (finally).

I will write Levi's birthday post next.  I took pictures awhile ago, but we have been extremely busy.  We opened a business (which I now remember I said I would blog about).  I am a big part of the business, so it's taking a lot of my time.  Brett is working insanely long hours, which is both very good but also a new normal.  Life is just moving at a fast pace, and I am trying to find my new footing.  I barely watch TV anymore (and I enjoy TV) but have gotten back to a really good place with making time with the Lord (with babies, I always find it difficult to focus even when I try to read....but I am getting back to focusing better).  Also, my little sister spent a month with us, and that was so fun!  We all had a great time with her.

God is definitely working in me and growing me in some things (in a good way).  I am always so, so thankful for how good and precious He is to me.  My kids are growing in their relationships with Jesus, and that's one of the most fascinating things I've ever been a part of.  The questions, the thoughts, the wisdom at their age....I am amazed and so in awe.

I have been overwhelmed with the goodness of God recently.  Even in the busyness of this summer, I feel Him so close and am so thankful for the journey He's taking us on.  I am grateful I get to be a part of what He's doing.

In closing, life is good.  Busy.  Crazy.  But so good.

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