Monday, July 8, 2013

What I Am Not

My friend and I had a conversation today about how Facebook should be called FaceBrag. Because it's where we all brag about how awesome our lives are.  And while we were poking fun at it, I actually enjoy that it's a place of positivity for the most part (and believe me, I am the worst offender....I love my family and my life).  But we also agreed that friends in real life are where you are real, honest, and open about life.

My close friends know the very ugly parts of me, but I would venture to say they also get the best of me.  I know their shortcomings, too, but I also know their passions, hopes, and dreams.  I hope that everyone has their best girlfriends to do life with.  (And if you don't, as I once did not, I would encourage you to pray for God to bring you a close group of friends).

Anyway, in good fun, I thought I would give you a glimpse into my life of what I am NOT.  (Sidenote: my belief in life is that you should maximize your strengths and do really well what you do well.....and spend little time improving on areas where you will really never improve.  I am not talking of spiritual things that are right and wrong....I am referring to everyday strengths/weaknesses).

1.  I do not wake up early.  I know, in theory, this would be a great time to spend time with God, make breakfast, etc.  But, in reality, I wake up after my kids.  And they usually have bagels for breakfast.

2.  I drink Diet Coke.  No matter how many of you post articles on Facebook (FaceBrag) on the dangers of drinking it (most of which are actually not true), I enjoy my little taste of heaven each day.

3.  I am not strict about bedtime.  My kids get into bed around 8:15, but they usually fall asleep around 10.  They sleep until 7:30 or 8, so I am not complaining (see #1).

4.  I am not actually all that strict in general, which would probably surprise people.  I think parents are overboard on the do's and don'ts.  As long as it's safe, respectful, and reasonable, I let kids have freedom.  My goal is  major on the majors and minor on the minor.

5.  I don't read much.  This is pretty much the worst possible characteristic of a homeschool mom.  My motto: the movie is always better than the book because it saves you about 8 hours.  My BFF is a writer and avid reader....I am surprised she will still be my friend.  I do read books, on occasion, but it's not my strength.

6.  My friends talk about washing baseboards.  I honestly don't think I have ever done that. And I wash my windows about once a year (max).  Oh yeah, I rarely dust.  Just pretend you don't see it when you visit me, ok?!

7.  I see rules are arbitrary, and this drives my husband nuts.  I 100% follow rules that are necessary and have a point.  Rules that are rules for no reason (see #4), I seem to bend the rules.  It's not that I think I am above it; I just don't see the point.
I can't really think of an example of this, but I know it's true because I am married to a rule follower.  I used to think I was a rule follower, until Brett came along, haha.

8.  I keep very few sentimental things.

9.  I prefer doing things FOR my kids rather than WITH my kids.  Keeping a house, cooking dinner, doing laundry, etc come more naturally for me than playing, pretending, etc.  I DO play with my kids, but it does not really come naturally.

10.  I can't end a list at 9.  It must end at 10.

There you have it.  Some of my shortcomings. Not my worst ones.  If you want to know those, come over for a few hours and be my friend in real life :).   

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