Saturday, September 7, 2013


My boy Luke.
Oh, he has my heart.
He is equal parts amazingly sweet and amazingly stubborn (which he inherited from me so I actually have patience for it).

He is 100% cute.

The best part of 3+ kids is I'm so much more relaxed and enjoy stages more when Luke hits them. Because I have experience and confidence most "issues" pass with age.
In parenting my older two kids, I try to think "is this a real issue or a phase that will pass?" But with my younger two, I have the experience to know the difference! Experience is a wonderful thing.

I do a lot of apologizing to my first born, and we are learning together.

That whole rabbit trail was to say....I'm so loving the cute of 3 rather than fearing I'm creating a rebellious child.

Luke is a creature of habit and says some cute things!

He will say, "Guess how much I love you?"

Me: "how much?"

Luke: bery (very) much!

Then at bedtime, we have the same night routine.

Luke: "tell me a story from when you was a kid"

Me: (tell story)

Luke: "ask how my day"

Me: "what was the best part of your day?"

Luke tells me, then rolls over and says: "sing, I love, I love."

I sing "I love your presence" worship song. He always falls asleep then I pray for him!

Luke uses the word "bum bums", referring to butts.
He will say, "Mom, yous have big bum bums. Right, mommy?"

He also talks loudly about strangers which is so awkward but funny!

I love my sweet boy!!

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