Monday, October 7, 2013

Chloe. At age 6.

Chloe turned 6 almost a month ago.  I haven't posted a blog because I haven't taken pictures.  It's so flippin hot that I was hoping for cooler temperatures.  That's looking unlikely, so I will get pics soon.

I am so thankful that God gave me a sweet girl in the midst of all these boys.  When people inquire sympathetically about her being the only girl, my first thought is "she's enough girl for us all."  I mean that sincerely and sweetly, not rudely.  She is 100% girl.  With all brothers, she is not even 1% tomboy.

While I would love her no matter what, obviously, I adore her girliness.  She frolics wherever she goes, especially if her Daddy has just spoken sweetly to her.  She loves baby dolls, dancing, gymnastics, make-up, cute clothes, and laughing with her friends.

Chloe is often starting impromptu dance parties and plays....and wants everyone to watch her perform.  Ironically, in public, she's pretty shy.  At home, though, she is fun, loud, and a blast to be around!  Her personality is sanguine (otter).  She is the life of the party and views life as one giant game.  Chloe loves tickles, loves to laugh, and loves to play tricks on her brothers.  Her trickster habits bug the heck out of her black and white, rule following brother Caleb.  Their dynamic makes me laugh.  They are such close friends.

Chloe is actually close with all of her brothers.  She and Caleb are great friends.  They talk a lot.  They laugh and sing together.  They enjoy one another immensely (and fight the most).  Luke and Chloe play together a lot.  Unlike Caleb, he is willing to play Barbies, dolls, etc.  (He likes boy things, too, but she will also play with Chloe).  She is a second mama to Levi.  She always talks about how cute he is, and she carries him any time she can.
I love watching my kids interact.  It's so fun to see their different dynamics!

As many of you know, Chloe is constant entertainment.  She makes us all laugh on a consistent basis, with her witty humor and her silly obsessions (walking sticks, for example).  I seriously love my girl, and she just brings so much joy to my life.

I call her the "joy bomb" because she just can't help but be joyful.  As I said, she frolics instead of walking.  She laughs so much......even to get out of trouble (that's her defense mechanism).  She is so super fun and says and does the most hilarious things.

My little Punky Sue is such a blessing to me.  I am so thankful for her.  I love her free spirit and amazing creativity.  She is constantly dreaming and creating.  She spends many hours a week sitting at our homeschool table crafting and creating.  It's inspiring to watch.  I often ask, "where did you come up with this?" because her ideas are so cool.  Chloe has a gift for turning trash into treasure (in the natural....but I believe it will also define her spiritually as she gets older).  She sees the potential in everything.  When I am throwing away stuff, she will yell, "Don't throw that away; I want it for a craft!!"

I am so proud of my sweet little girl.  I adore her and am so thankful for the privilege of being her mama.

Chloe's likes:
- American Girl/Our Generation dolls
- Barbies
- crafts
- foods: fruit (grapes, strawberries, apples)

Happy 6th Birthday, my sweet princess!

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