Thursday, November 21, 2013


Wow, it's been a busy semester around here.  I have neglected my sweet ole blog.  I posted tons of picture updates today....all from my phone.  I have some on my real camera I will post sometime.

Our business, Apex Sports Academy/CrossFitASA, has kept us very busy, but it's been so awesome.  We have met amazing people through it, and we absolutely love it!!  I am getting in shape, which definitely helps with raising four active kids!

Homeschooling is going well.  I finally feel like I've hit a good groove this year.  Caleb can read well now, and Chloe is learning quickly.  They're both good at math and love science!

My little boys are precious and growing so quickly.  Luke is in the cutest stage ever....his voice is precious.  Levi is nearing that 18 month stage where it's so fun and cute.

Our days are full, but our hearts are fuller.  It's been a wild few months, but we are loving it!!

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