Monday, December 30, 2013


Daddy and Levi
 photo 2013-12-20125803_zps7353639b.jpg

I chaperoned a scavenger hunt for high school students.  They had to do the can can in heels.
 photo 2013-12-19193000_zps1ed06257.jpg

Chloe likes to climb the cabinets
 photo 2013-12-18172811_zpsb7c89897.jpg

Playing outside with friends photo 2013-12-18125249_zps9ea08363.jpg

Chloe and Caleb playing with my camera
 photo 2013-12-17125948_zps8b585ef3.jpg

 photo 2013-12-17125915_zpsd022c27e.jpg

Caleb and Chloe sleeping sweetly photo 2013-12-16010522_zps7a6d0cb2.jpg

 photo 2013-12-16010505_zps50b15604.jpg

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